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in1touch Association Management Software

At OlaTech, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and reliable software. That's why we've developed in1touch, a highly configurable program that is effective with every size of association.

The solutions that in1touch provides enable associations to effectively manage their member database, event registration, e-mail communication, membership registration, and much more. This will benefit your association and save you hours of hard work. Also, this program can easily be configured to be included into your existing website, or we can create a new one for you.

This innovative program will help your association grow revenues, membership numbers, and overall satisfaction from your members. The popular Self Service Member Interface allows the member 24/7 access to their accounts so they can view their profiles, sign up for events, and even pay with a credit card for their outstanding invoices. This is especially convenient for members and makes it easy for you to track member information in real time.

To learn more about the features that in1touch provides, please visit www.in1touch.com