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Custom SaaS web  Software Development

Custom SaaS Business Applications 

OlaTech uses their marketable talent and the latest technology to design, build, and implement applications for any business. No request is too big or too small; OlaTech has the tools to handle every request with complete support and documentation on all of their custom programming services. This software is available with fixed monthly license. The custom SaaS application is always done to the customers specifications, and we are not done until the customer is satisfied with the finished product.

Applications Development Services

At OlaTech, we provide a full range service to define, develop, and support software projects. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business idea, OlaTech can turn your project concept into reality. Our skilled developers will analyze your project in order to define goals and to build a detailed roadmap to reach those goals. Then we will configure it. From business ideas to finalized specs, no matter your starting point, OlaTech can help bring your concept to reality. Our proven step-by-step methodology helps us maintain accurate development schedules and documentation of development.

Professional Services

Web Applications

In software engineering, the Web Application is an application that is delivered to users from a web server over a network such as the Internet or an Intranet. Due to the ubiquity of the web browser as a client, these are very popular applications. They provide the ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers; this is the key reason for their popularity. Web applications can perform a broad range of functions including; implementing webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, CRM, custom business applications, and much more.

Database Design

A database is a very strong tool for organizations of all sizes. They make it easy for you to manage customers and maintain product information for accounting systems, circulation systems, insurance systems, manufacturing systems, and many more. Best of all, a strong database can help you improve your information distribution channels.

At OlaTech, we work with database engines like Oracle, MySql, MS SQL, Posgres, and Sqlbase, just to name a few. Our talented developers use these engines to create a complete reengineering or partial development of database information systems. From single user systems to large multi-user installations for corporate use, OlaTech can help.


OlaTech can help businesses turn IT into a strategically significant unit. By providing application development, maintenance, support, infrastructure, and network security outsourcing services, this allows our clients to focus more time on the strategic functions of the IT area.
OlaTech’s outsourcing services allow your organization to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary headcount to support your operations and reduce labour liability
  • Reduce cost and turn-around time of application development projects based on component reusability
  • Eliminate unneeded expenses devoted to training by having guaranteed personnel that are qualified on the latest and emergent technologies

IT Consulting

OlaTech Corporation has the marketable talents, the determination, and the business expertise to provide clients with resources that will contribute to their project success. Employees of OlaTech Corporation have a natural enthusiasm for keeping up to date in the latest information technology products and services, and we ask nothing less.
Our area of expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Architect
  • J2EE Development
  • .NET Development
  • Database Administration

Data Normalization and Cleaning

We can clean and standardize data from multiple files into one or more accurate tables or databases.

Virtual IT Office

Should you consider outsourcing your IT department? For those organizations, which are not in a core business of Information Technology, it may be desirable to outsource their IT infrastructure to our experts.

5 most common reasons why you should outsource IT:

  1. Increased control of operational costs –

    All IT services grouped together into one monthly plan, meaning you have one cost associated with the IT department. Overhead expenses such as staffing, overtime hours, and operational costs, as well as software licenses, etc., are all included in a flat monthly fee. This makes it easier for you to control IT related costs, while also saving money.
  2. Take focus away from IT, refocus on business functions –

    Technology is great and a necessity of running most modern businesses but it does break and become either worn out or outdated. Seemingly endless tech issues can take your focus away from key business functions. We will take care of all this, allowing you to re-focus your efforts and energies into running your business.
  3. Access to better resources –

    The best and newest tech is often pricey; well beyond the budget of a vast majority of small and medium sized businesses. This is further compounded by the fact that you likely can’t afford to hire the new employees needed to to run these systems either. OlaTech Corp. can provide the latest tech along with the experience to support it, allowing you to get more for less.
  4. IT functions are beyond current abilities –

    If you are like most small to medium companies, you have a few staff who are designated as computer experts, even though that may not be their main role or responsibility. Or it could be the case that you and your colleagues simply lack the knowledge and experience required to run increasingly complex technical systems. The employees at OlaTech Corp. eat, sleep and breathe tech, and can provide enterprise level IT support and knowledge.
  5. Reduced risk from IT failure –

    Technical systems are built to be robust. However, they aren’t perfect and will eventually fail. This could mean lengthy downtime, increased costs and lost data. OlaTech Corp. will reduce this risk by actively monitoring your systems and offering back-up services which will reduce productivity loss and lost business.