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in1touch PaaS

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

- is a category of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS);

- more than SaaS, a PaaS allows multiple applications to be developed, run, managed, and hosted securely within a single platform without the complexity of building and maintaining multiple infrastructures.

- those multiple software applications can, and usually do include multiple websites, micro-sites, and portals.

Advantages: Development Environment

- use one platform to develop your multiple SaaS applications, new apps, new modules. Your staff need to learn only one set of tools;

- develop in a “low code” or “no code” environment; development is by configuration, not coding;

- development is much faster, and usually much more cost effective than in a non-PaaS environment.

-avoid data silos, improves data integrity; avoid Data swamp because of silos

-one up-grade and maintenance path (not multiple ones), this avoids future “separate application” incompatibilities;

-new needs and evolution in needs are configured and or re-configured more quickly and cheaper;

-more simple contractural negotations, support plans, and warranties (one vs. many)